SNIB2 Version 5.99 Release Notes


SNIB2 Vn. 5.99 Release Notes Released 08/17/2011. © 2011 Hirsch Electronics, LLC. This document covers changes to the SNIB2 firmware since version 5.98.

After downloading this file follow these instructions from within your Hirsch Velocity software.

  1. In the File menu, select Import/Export, then click SNIB2 (Import Only). The SNIB2 Import Wizard displays.

  2. Follow the instructions in the SNIB2 Import Wizard to import the update.

  3. In the Administration window, select Properties on a controller you need to update.

  4. On the General tab, click Update SNIB2 Firmware and follow the instructions.

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each controller you need to update.

For complete instructions on updating the SNIB2, refer to the Velocity Help.

New Features

SNIB2 IP Address Default Added
You can now set a default IP address with SNIB2 version 5.99. When you set the IP address of a SNIB2 through Velocity’s Port Properties, this IP address becomes the default. This feature allows you to pre-program a new controller or SNIB2 then deploy the new components to a remote site, conserving the network settings you created. Updating your current SNIB2 firmware to version 5.99 will allow you to take advantage of this new feature. (SNIBII-2)  

Bug Fixes

MAC Address Error Resolved
Version 5.99 fixes a network broadcast error. In the previous version of the SNIB2 firmware, MAC hexadecimal addresses that had a value ranging from 00 to 09 could report as IP address This issue has now been fixed. (SNIBII-7)

Last modified:  August 30, 2011

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