Updates for Velocity 3.1 (KB620) Release Notes


Update for Velocity 3.1 (KB620) Released 03/01/2012. © 2012 Hirsch Identive


Bug Fixes
      Velocity Operation

Bug Fixes

Velocity Operation

Unable to retrieve video clips from the DVR's Get Alarm List dialog box because alarm times are in GMT
The old API would convert the time parameter to GMT before sending the video search request to the DVR device. To resolve this issue, upgrade the Intellex API to version which addresses an issue with retrieving alarm Intellex videos through Velocity. [VEL-864]

Sequence Option (Cameras) is not working with VideoEdge NVR
Support for the VideoEdge NVR sequencing feature is added to KB620. [VEL-1007]

Fix DTServer/Spooler to continue processing batches after a service restart
Restarting the DigiTrac Service while there is a pending batch or while a batch is being processed causes the batch processing to stop and not start up again which causes a mismatch between the Velocity database and controller database. [VEL-1095]

Velocity 3.1 KB600 encountered problems implementing the "Append Luhn Check Digit" option in Badge Designer (barcode)
When using a barcode with the "Append Luhn Check Digit" implemented, the extra digit at the end of the barcode was not added. [VEL-1194]

SQLTransactions latency issue introduced with KB610 memory leak fix.
SQLTransactions memory leak that was introduced with SQL 2008 SP1 is now fixed. [VEL-1435]

Credential Download issue with more than 255 ports
Downloading credentials to Velocity systems with more than 255 ports resulted in random overflow error messages in the client and error messages in the extension services.

Certain Windows updates cause the extension service not to start up in Windows XP Pro
This issue caused the extension service to fail in some environments, particularly in Windows XP with the latest updates. Only certain systems experience this behavior. [VEL-1454]

Slow DTServer startup was reported at some customer sites
Improved DTServer startup time for sites with more than 150 controllers. [VEL-1456]

Unable to clear alarms using Windows French regional settings
Users were not able to clear alarms under French regional settings. [VEL-1470]

Graphics errors is reported when the input name is more than 50
Adding inputs to a map with the input names greater than 50 characters caused an error. [VEL-1471]

Restoring Alarm/Event Logs causes a new ArchiveLogServer process to be created each time
The DIGI*TRAC service no longer creates multiple instances of the ArchiveLogServer. [VEL-1512]

Alarm viewer error
Alarm error is reported when the "ForceSortOption" profile property is set to an empty string. The error message is Subscript out of range. [VEL-1559]

Credential download issue with DACSupport.dll
Some customer sites could not download credentials of final spool after updating to KB610. [VEL-1647]

Corrupted socket stream causes SDServer to stop processing events
Software messages with corrupted data caused the socket stream to become corrupted. This problem has been fixed. The socket stream now closes/opens whenever the SDServer encounters a corrupted socket stream so that the SDServer will continue to process events without interruption. [VEL-1662]

Enhancements to graphics alarm and state processing
The graphic map was switching as alarms were generated and alarm reporting had performance issues at some sites. [VEL-1449].


Unable to run an archived report using an account that does not have Velocity database access
Users other than the Administrator were unable to run archived reports. When running a Transaction Log report, a message like the following example appears:

Error [5] occurred in LoadReportRDC_V3 at line: 239
Invalid procedure call or argument


Deadlock error messages in graphics log
Database deadlocks reported in the graphics logs by some large environments running graphics. [VEL-1447]

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